What do you need

What you will need:
• Digital files of the product from Bastlero.com (.STL, G-CODE, 3MF)
• Slicing software, we recommend Prusa Slicer, for which we also provide factory files (.3MF)
• 3D printer (preferably Prusa Mk3 or better)
• RC transmitter and electronic equipment for the aircraft (electric motor, controller, servos, propeller) according to the recommendations for each model
• Printing materials – we use four types of materials:

PLA for printing the majority of product parts
LPLA, a relatively new material that is significantly lighter than traditional PLA. Currently, we only use it for some parts, but in the future, we will be preparing entire aircraft from it.
PETG for printing durable parts such as landing gears or axles
LTPU, a lightweight material for printing ColorFab tires. Currently, you won’t find anything better for printing wheels for your aircraft.