Lance Cleo “Wildcat” Wade – 3D printable figure of a famous R.A.F. World War II pilot

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The Product includes:
· STL files
· Prusa 3MF files with complete settings
· Gcodes compatible with Original Prusa printers

We understand that everyone builds aircraft models in different scales, and it is not feasible for us to create a set of models for every scale. Therefore, you can adjust the size of the model according to your requirements.
To change the scale, modify the .3MF file by either increasing or decreasing the model size in percentage. The model is provided in a 1/8 scale.

Examples of scale changes:
To change to a 1/6 scale, increase the model size by 33.3%.
To change to a 1/10 scale, decrease the model size by 20%.

3D printable figure pilot
The pilot figurine sitting in the cockpit is one of the most important components of every RC airplane. It is crucial for the overall aesthetic impression, as nothing is worse than seeing a beautifully built model airplane spoiled by an unattractive or missing pilot figurine. However, many modelers consider this small detail to be insignificant. Nevertheless, we believe that it is a misconception, and therefore, we offer a wide selection of 3D printed pilot and crew models ranging from the 1st and 2nd World War eras to the modern era of aviation.


Lance Cleo Wade was born on March 16, 1917 in Texas. In 1941, he joined the Royal Air Force and became a Spitfire fighter pilot. During his service in the RAF, he completed many successful combat missions in various battles, including France, Britain, and the Normandy invasion.

Wade proved himself to be a skilled and brave pilot who could successfully attack enemy targets. He received high awards and recognition for his courage and abilities. According to some sources, he had up to 25 victories during his career in the RAF.

One of the aircraft Wade flew during the war was the Spitfire Mark V. This aircraft was one of the most significant fighter planes of the RAF during World War II and played a crucial role in many battles.

After the war, Wade returned to the United States and worked as a manager in the aviation industry. He passed away in 2012 at the age of 95.

Lance Cleo Wade remains in memory as an outstanding pilot who demonstrated his ability and courage in fighting the enemy. His story and accomplishments are part of the history of aviation and World War II.