Douglas Bader – 3D printable figure of a famous R.A.F. World War II pilot

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The Product includes:
· STL files
· Prusa 3MF files with complete settings
· Gcodes compatible with Original Prusa printers


Douglas Bader was one of the most significant pilots of the British Royal Air Force during World War II. He was born in 1910 and became a passionate pilot at a young age. In 1931, he had a plane crash and lost both of his legs.

Despite his injury, Bader did not lose his desire to become a pilot in the RAF and eventually convinced doctors not to bar him from service. In 1939, when the Second World War broke out, he was promoted to captain and assigned to the 19th Squadron of the RAF.

Bader became famous during the Battle of Britain, when he was the commanding officer of the 242nd Squadron RAF and became one of the top fighter pilots. He shot down a total of 22 enemy aircraft, earning him the rank of flying ace.

Bader flew on several types of aircraft during his RAF career, including Bristol Bulldog, Gloster Gauntlet, Hawker Hurricane, Supermarine Spitfire, and Hawker Typhoon. He scored most of his 22 victories on these aircraft.

After the war, Bader became a well-known advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and worked as a director for a charity for amputees. In 1976, he was knighted for his services and bravery during the Second World War.

Douglas Bader died in 1982 in a plane crash, but his legacy and example of courage and determination live on to this day.