Printer settings

Starting from version 2.4, it is possible to prepare print files for PrusaSlicer, and the options are much better than those of competing software like SimplyFy or Cura, plus the program is free. That’s why we have decided to provide it as part of the file package along with the STL, G-code, and 3MF files, where you can adjust the print parameters according to your printer.
If you own a Prusa printer, use the G-Code supplied with the product, which should also work on most other printers.

Print Settings
Layers and Perimeters
o Bottom Solid Layers: 0
o Top Solid Layers: 0
o External perimeters first: True
o Layer height: 0.25mm (lower layer height can be used in areas where printing is challenging and the layer would be too sparse)
o Perimeters: 1 (only for the first 2mm of the print, we use 2 perimeters)
o Thick bridges: True
o Perimeter Generator: Classic (not Arachne) from version 2.5

Advanced Settings
o Default extrusion width: 0.42 mm
o First layer: 0.44 mm
o Perimeters: 0
o External perimeters: 0
o Bridge flow ratio: 0.8
o Infill/perimeters overlap: 0%
o Slice gap closing radius: 0
o Slicing Mode: Even/Odd

o Perimeters: 60 mm/s (40 mm/s for LW)
o External perimeters: 70%
o First layer speed: 50%

Skirt and brim
o Minimal filament extrusion: 10 mm
o Skirt height: 1
Support material
o Don’t support bridges: true
o Infill Density: 0% (some parts may require infill, please use your standard settings)

Filament Settings
o Bed temperature: 60°C
o First layer bed temperature: 60°C
o Nozzle temperature: 210°C
o First layer nozzle temperature: 215°C
o Diameter 1.75 mm.
o Extrusion multiplier: 0.9-1.1

o Keep the fan always on: false
o Enable fan for the first 2 mm or at the ends of wings, elevators, and rudders where deformation may occur without the fan.
o Max: 50%
o Min: 0%

Height range Modifier
It allows you to add additional perimeters or other parameters at defined heights. You can use this, for example, when printing the first layers where you can set 2 perimeters for better results. You can also use it in areas where increased strength is required, such as for mounting holes to install landing gear, or you can decrease the layer height for inclined printing to avoid having too sparse layers.
After right-clicking on the STL name on the right, select “Layers and Perimeters” from the menu. Then, in the “Layers” section, set the height range and click with the right mouse button on “Layers and Perimeters” to choose the parameters you want to modify. For example, you can add the number of perimeters.